5 Of The Most Reliable Dishwashers
L Lovedeep Singh

5 Of The Most Reliable Dishwashers

Jan 6, 2022

At the start of the year, numerous lists advise consumers which appliances to buy based on expert testing, repair call-outs, or customer reviews. We too, have our own customer feedback reports but rather than relying solely on those, we thought a better way to document the most reliable dishwasher for 2022 would be to amalgamate reviews from the NY Times, other stores' repair lists and our own, to produce something close to definitive. 

Ultimately, these lists are quite subjective, because the kind of water found in different parts of the country differs and the type of dishwashing detergent used also plays a role. Also worth noting is that most dishwashers, even those on the lower end of the price spectrum, can do a decent job on standard, not heavily dirty or greasy items. 

When, during the holiday season, for example, the dishes and serving trays pile up with caked-on crusts and grease, is when dishwashers are truly put to the test. Here’s what we found.


Miele G5006SCU

Miele’s famous German engineering means that they are built to last for up to 20 years of continued use which is not only twice as long as their competitors but also means that despite more expensive upfront costs, Miele products prove good value in the long run. Like all Miele models, this model from the G5000 Series is quiet and the racks can be adjusted easily to suit the load. It has multiple running programs including a QuickintenseWash, SaniWash and Extra Dry.

Here are a few more of the model’s highlights:


  • Flexline Baskets accommodate a wide variety of pots, pans and glass wear, protecting the latter with silicone buffers
  • EcoPower Technology consumes less water (2.4 gallons), using a highly efficient filter system
  • A Height-Adjustable Upper Basket means tall items can easily be accommodated
  • Whisper quiet operation at 44 dBAs.




Priced below $900, this is a reliable dishwasher that will rarely give an owner cause for concern. This is in part due to its Direct Drive Motor which uses fewer moving parts than many other dishwashers and allows it to operate efficiently. LG is prepared to back up its claims for reliability with a 10-year warranty.


Other highlights:

  • Great cleaning capability. LG’s QuadWash™ uses four spray arms to provide maximum cleaning. Its Multi-Motion arms that rotate back and forth while spinning along with high-powered jets that clean from multiple angles to help deliver superior cleaning.
  • Easy loading and standout flexibility. The EasyRack™ system allows users to load everything from dinner plates to large baking trays with equal ease.
  • Low noise. Thank LG’s Inverter DirectDrive motor for its low noise. At 48dB, you can hardly notice it’s running.


Bosch SHEM63W55N

Again, priced below $900, this is drawing rave reviews because of its reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation. The first thing that strikes you about this dishwasher is the flexibility and formulations of the racks. A V-shaped third rack and an adjustable middle rack can hold everything from trays and pots to dishes and cups. The second thing that strikes you is how quiet it is. There are dozens of versions of this in the Bosch 300 Series. Some with different handles and other finishes but all share the same qualities. Highlights include:


  • Quiet operation. with a running noise level of 44 dBA’s this is the quietest dishwasher brand in the US.
  • Rack flexibility. An origami-like ability to contort rack space means a 3rd rack offers 30% more loading capacity than many competitors. FlexSpace® tines accommodate large pots and pans, RackMatic® allows 3 height levels for 9 rack positions.
  • Speed60® gets your dishes from dirty to dry in 1 hr
  • Sanitize Option cleans and dries at a higher temperature to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria


Thermador DWHD650WR

Many of the dishwashers in Thermador’s Emerald series are included for free when bundled with other Thermador purchases. That doesn’t mean they’re not top-notch appliances. Priced separately this model would cost around $1400. It comes panel-ready or with an attractive stainless steel finish. and is stacked full of attractive features such as 6 wash cycles, is WiFi-enabled (so you can operate it from your phone), 16 place settings along with a soil sensor, Extra Tall-Item Sprinkler, low noise operation (48dBA), and is Energy Star Certified. 

Other highlights include:


  • Chef’s Tool Drawer to ease loading and unloading
  • Sens-A-Wash® which measures the cleanliness of the contents and adjusts water accordingly
  • Three Stage Advanced Filtration that recirculates water to enhance cleanliness
  • 3-Level Adjustable Upper Rack allows greater customization of the interior to accommodate large or odd-shaped items
  • Extra Dry Option for impeccably dry, 99.9% bacteria-free dishes



Maytag MDB7959SKZ

Priced at around $800 (or lower), the New York Times’ Wirecutter gives this an honorable mention in their round-up of best dishwashers of the year. Specifically noted are Maytag’s reliability, ability to dry plastic items, and the bottom racks’ vertical tines which are helpful for bulkier items. Shorter and longer drying options help reduce moisture based on the load size. A slight drawback is the generally louder operating noise level (50dBA) than some of the dishwashers we have mentioned and the lack of a 3rd rack. However, these points have to be factored into the lower price. Other highlights of this dishwasher are: 


  • Dual Power Filtration removes the need for pre-rinsing or soaking as food items are efficiently disintegrated with a 4-blade chopper and then removed. The water is 100% microfiltered.
  • PowerBlast® Cycle as the name suggests blasts away caked-on food through a combination of high pressure, hot water, and steam.
  • An increased upper heigh rack is useful for taller items
  • A steam sanitize option helps rid of 99.9% of bacteria.



With most appliances, you generally get what you pay for and while that is also true of dishwashers, many of the $800-$1000 dishwashers featured here can give the Thermador (priced at $1400) a run for its money. Modern technology means that any reputable brand is likely to give your cookware and dinner plates a good wash when used with a high quality dishwashing detergent. Having said that, if you wish to buy a more expensive dishwasher, it’s well worth bundling the purchase in with other items from the same brand such as a refrigerator and stove to maximize available discounts. As with Thermador's DWHD650WR, you might even get it thrown in for free.

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