4 Of The Best Commercial Washers for Small Apartment Buildings or Home Use
L Lovedeep Singh

4 Of The Best Commercial Washers for Small Apartment Buildings or Home Use

Jan 6, 2022

Commercial washers and dryers differ from their residential counterparts because they are designed for years of continuous use. As sturdy as tanks, they resist the kind of wear and tear that household appliances succumb to. Part of the reason for this is because as they generally have fewer functions and less gadgetry that can break down. Designed for laundromats, hotels, or rental properties, they are designed to dispel dirt and relentless in the quest for clean clothes. 

Smaller versions of commercial machines bring the same aggressive attitude to cleaning as their larger counterparts. These machines are ideal for small multi-family (2-4 units) apartment buildings or families that find themselves constantly doing laundry. We’ll take a look at some of the best models on the market today. 


Miele PWM908DPSS

Miele is synonymous with high-performance cooking, cleaning, and cooling thanks to its impeccable engineering and design. This 24-inch compact front load washer is no exception. Taken from the company’s Little Giants Series, this machine comes with a slew of cool features that effortlessly bridge the gap between residential and commercial. Being a Miele product it comes with a premium price to match its premium features which include: 


  • A 20lb capacity drum with an interior capacity of 2.58 (73) ft³ with a high spin speed of 1,500 RPM
  • M Touch Flex User Interface with 50 programs to choose from
  • 32 language options 
  • Different cycles including the 49-minute express cycle, SoftSteam option to smooth laundry through tumbling, and a high-temperature disinfection program, are essential for commercial use when using shared machines.
  • The honeycomb drum is designed to minimize the impact on your clothes while being capable of running for up to 30,000 hours of use.


Speed Queen TR7003WN

Speed Queens are a commercial washer favorite with many of our customers and tend to sell out quickly. They have a long track record of success and this 26-inch top load washer, which is ideal for home use (they also have a larger TR Series and the “Classic Clean” TC5 model) has a 3.2 cubic foot capacity and is designed to give you 25 years of reliable service. They have a purposefully "classic" design which is part of the reason customers love them. They are hard-wearing and get the job done well. The model's size and performance stats make it an ideal appliance for your small multi-family apartment building or large family residence. 


Here are some more of the highlights:


  • A tried and tested all-metal pulley and drive system offers a robust, maintenance-free operation
  • The electronic controls are tested to 10,400 cycles
  • The solid mount suspension system decreases vibration, wear and tear and increases running life.
  • The electronic touchpad control had been tested to 1 million depressions.
  • The tub and agitator create a gentle washing environment with a maximum clean achieved when the Full Tub Wash and Rinse option is selected.
  • Speed Queen is known for their great warranties: Three years to cover all parts and in-home labor plus a lifetime warranty covering the outer drain tub and the stainless steel wash basket


Maytag MVW7232HW

This 28-inch top load washer has a 5.3 cubic foot capacity and includes its commercial washing machine technology within a smaller model that is ideal for residential use. It’s a machine that Maytag believes can go head to head with Speed Queen’s comparable models. Here are some of the highlights:


  • The direct-drive motor and stainless steel wash basket are backed by a 10-year parts warranty
  • Advanced Vibration Control™ does what it says, reducing vibration, noise, and ultimately internal wear and tear.
  • A reverse wash motion and triple spray action is designed for extra cleaning
  • It is ENERGY STAR® certified thanks in part to its money and water-saving Auto Sensing function that adjusts the water level to match the load amount in the drum.
  • An in-built water faucet allows you to rinse loose soil off your clothes
  • A Deep Fill option also allows you to add extra water to help rinse off dirt on your laundry


Whirlpool CAE2795FQ

Another easy-to-use model that can compare to Speed Queen’s commercial washer dominance. This top load washer is likely less used in a home setting and more likely in a small commercial setting. Having said that its price compares favorably to all the other models discussed. The machine’s 1/2-HP motor and traditional flex-vane agitator are, like comparable Speed Queen models, designed to offer a variety of washing cycles. Highlights of the model include:


  • A Deep-Water Wash System and rinse cycles allow four distinct washing profiles — from the aggressive for heavily soiled clothes to the gentle for lightly soiled.
  • A triple lip seal with a garter spring allows for continuous use while protecting the shaft and bearings from moisture and vapor
  • The full-wrap metal console makes for easy cleaning and protects the internal components from spills and vapor.
  • A premium porcelain enamel top and lid are both protective and have a high-grade finish that adds longevity.



All these machines have been road-tested and proven to deliver continuous, robust high-volume service. If the choice comes down to price, unless you are willing to spend around $5,000 for a washer, the Miele PWM908DPSS is probably best left for high-end buyers who want the best of the best, wrapped in a sleek and stylish stainless steel finish. The other three machines are no-nonsense workhorses that give a great wash over 10-15 years with minimal fuss. Whatever your setting — residential, or a small commercial — you can rely on these models to deliver year in, year out.

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